Sunday, 14 August 2011

Cinnamon Orange Partial Gel

Our goal with the orange cinnamon soap was to keep it from gelling by putting it in the fridge. We like the colour of the non-gelled soap better and we were hoping that the orange EO would be more prominent.

Well, we cut the soap yesterday and it looks like the soap did a partial gel.

In the picture below you can see that the middle of the soap gelled and the outer edges did not. We should have left it in the fridge much longer or maybe even put it in the freezer to prevent that but oh well.

This might dissapear after a few weeks of curing and that is just what we are hoping it does. If not, we will know for next time to keep it cold for a longer period of time.

It is also still really soft and sticky. You can see a fingerprint in the middle of this bar.

I did try a little bit of the was nice and bubbly like soap should be...too bad about its appearance.

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  1. It,s nice. Don,t worry. I really like your experiments. What a pity you two don,t write more entries. Kisses from Spain