Thursday, 11 August 2011

Orange Cinnamon

This soap is our favourite so far.

We have made this recipe before and the only problem we had was that the bar was too soft. This time we tweaked the recipe a little bit to fix that problem.

As you can see below, the log is too soft to cut just yet. We usually cut the day after we make a batch but this one is going to need a bit more time. It was so mushy that the first slice had to be rolled into a sticky ball. We may have to tweak the recipe again though, we will see once the bars are cured and ready to try. 

The smell is GLORIOUS! Orange and cinnamon mixed together not only smells wonderful but the orange EO gives the soap that lovely orangey yellow colour. We will definitely continue to make this recipe and soon enough we will have a great bar of soap that someone might actually pay for!

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