Thursday, 11 August 2011

Ocean Breeze?

Not so sure about that...this soap smelled nothing like an ocean. We had been looking for essential oil blends that smell like ocean for a while and when we came upon a website that listed three options, we were eager to try one of them.

We went with a blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Lemon...yikes! The smell was REALLY strong and antiseptic, nothing like an ocean. (Smell gave me a headache)

The colour that you see below is a result of adding a mixture of French green clay, Australian washed blue clay and spirulina powder. The first picture looks lighter than the soap actually is. The colour is closer to the second picture.

The original plan was to split the recipe in two, add green clay to half and blue to the other, then swirl them together. We were hoping for a pastel green and blue mixture. Obviously that did not happen; the green clay made a green colour but not the green we were looking for and the blue clay didn’t add any colour at all. In the end we just mixed everything back together and added some spirulina in the hope that the colour would turn out somewhat ok.

We also had an issue with a SUPER FAST trace for this batch. We have made this recipe before with different additives so we think that the super fast trace was due to the high temperature in the apartment at the time (26 C) and maybe the huge amount of clay we added trying to get the blue to show up. We barely had time to get it into the mould!

Our conclusions? Don’t use that EO blend ever again! Mix at a lower temperature! Blue clay doesn't make blue and spirulina makes a really nice green! Also, get an air conditioner...

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